• Age Discrimination – What Older Workers Need to Know

    Elon Musk is no stranger to controversy. He has received plenty of attention and criticism for his recent acquisition of Twitter and the changes he has made to the social media platform. But his other companies, Tesla and SpaceX, have been peppered by accusations and lawsuits. A new accusation of age discrimination has occurred in […]

  • Understanding Accent Discrimination in the Workplace

    An accent is the noticeable difference in the way a person pronounces a language relative to a native speaker of that language. Certain sounds may not exist in one language, making it hard to pronounce them while speaking another. These noticeable differences in the way people speak can become the basis for treating employees who […]

  • How to Spot the Signs of Wage Theft in Your Workplace

    One of the issues with wage theft is that it may take many different forms. Some are evident, while others are more difficult to discern. Broadly, wage theft occurs when your company fails to pay you, the employee, what you are owed. It is sometimes obvious, such as when an employer fails to pay overtime […]

  • Walgreens Faces EEOC Lawsuit for Pregnancy and Disability Discrimination

    Expectant working mothers must understand their protections under the law. Pregnancy can be a time of great joy and anticipation when women undergo physical and emotional changes. While a happy time, it can also be a time of great stress and trepidation if accommodations for the health of the mother and child are ignored.  A […]

  • Nike and Gender Discrimination – What to Know

    When it comes to gender discrimination, some are saying Nike just did it. The biggest sports apparel brand in the world is facing a class action gender discrimination lawsuit. It is alleged that Nike did not provide the same opportunities to women as are provided to men and tolerated discriminatory practices.  In addition to compensation, […]

  • The Most Common Forms of Wage Theft and What to do About It

    When an employee pays a worker less than what they are entitled to, this is called wage theft. That may entail not receiving the minimum wage or not receiving overtime compensation. Wage theft can affect workers of all stripes and across all sectors. Workers lose billions of dollars each year as a result of this astonishingly widespread occurrence, which […]

  • Talking About Wages at Work – What are Your Rights

    The idea of sharing wages amongst workers in the same company has sparked heated debate and opinions from all sides. To understand the concept in more detail, it is important to contextualize the practice of “salary talk” in a legal sense.  Rise in Workers Being Fired Due to Wage Discussion Recently, a woman from Illinois […]

  • The Test to Determine Whether a Worker is an Employee or a Contractor

    Why does it matter if a Sacramento worker is considered an independent contractor or employee? The difference is in the benefits. Employers do not have to provide as many benefits and rights to independent contractors as they do for actual employees.  To dig further into the disadvantages, contractors: Can be fired more easily than employees […]

  • Terminated for Discussing Pay in the Workplace – What Happens Next?

    Work culture in the United States puts a heavy emphasis on working hard for good pay, but part of that culture discourages workers from discussing pay. It’s considered rude in most conversations, but the truth is, it can let some employees know they are not being paid the same as others for the same work. […]

  • Tesla Facing Another Racial Discrimination Lawsuit in California

    On June 30, 2022, in Alameda County, California, 15 former and current Tesla factory workers filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against Tesla for alleged “rampant” racial discrimination while working for the electronic vehicle manufacturer. Tesla, no stranger to employment discrimination claims, is facing several other lawsuits in the months ahead. Tesla’s Current Racial Discrimination Lawsuit […]